About me and Infosys

Hello there, my name is Adrian and I’m a student at UTP in Bydgoszcz. I also work as a waiter in a restaurant, which is a part-time job, and as a student ambassador for Infosys Poland. I’ve wanted to share something about my  second job and why I’d actually decided to work there. The reason is simple. It gives me the opportunity to   do what I really like and to learn something new. Because, trust me, there is a lot of it and that article on our blog proves it just perfectly. The job gives me a chance to participate in literally every kind of event I really like. Some of you may ask: Why Infosys?  The answer is also simple. Infosys is a big outsourcing organization from India which employees a significant number of people around the world, also in Poland, and it gives young students possibilities, including guys like me, to spread their horizons. As a student I can say that  finding a job these days is not a piece of cake, really. Especially in my city, Bydgoszcz,  students like me have a real problem finding a decent job. Infosys Poland is an organization, which recruits its employees in a proactive way, and not just passively! One of such events took place in Bydgoszcz at the Job Fair. As a student ambassador of Infosys Poland, I had the opportunity and pleasure to be there. And I have to confess that the event was just awesome and did a great job.

The organizers and participants of the Job Fair organized a number of competitions for the guests which gave you the chance to learn about companies in Bydgoszcz. Of course, our stand was one of its kind because of the popcorn machine which produced delicious snacks as you were listening about what Infosys has to offer. Great idea in my opinion. Our consultants were there for you to tell you more about the company. Some of you lucky guys could also get gifts and prizes. And, of course, have a lot of fun. As for other job fairs, Infosys took part in the event organized in Łódź at the Expo Hall. We couldn’t miss it, too!

Infosys happily participates in events organized all around Poland. This exactly shows how the company creates its positive image – a great asset nowadays. And who knows, maybe tomorrow we’ll come to your city? Check our Facebook fanpage or our site to not miss anything.