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When it comes to merging the creative and the analytical, Łódź is the perfect place to find yourself in. Łódź, pronounced ‘Woodge’, is one of the biggest and most culturally diverse cities in Poland. Rich with historical significance and unique architecture it’s not only a place to work in but also to achieve work-life balance.

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Łódź is a perfect place to develop your more artistic side. You’ll never get bored visiting festivals and fares that take place in the city all the year round.

You’ll never have a hard time finding a cafe for an afternoon chat with friends. Łódź is also full to the brim with night-life possibilities. Check out one of the most avant-garde pubs in Poland ‘Łódź Kaliska’ or just take a walk down Piotrkowska Street – one of the longest shopping streets in Europe.

Łódź is sometimes called ‘HollyŁódź’, the Polish Hollywood, which has made an undeniable impact on world cinema. Łódź is the center of Polish cinematography, with one of the best film schools in Europe, where you’ll be surrounded by an atmosphere of wonder and never ending excitement.

Finally, Łódź is a perfect place to find your work-life balance. Along with cultural and academic influence, you’ll be exposed to multilingual and multicultural points of view, both from your colleagues and people that choose the city as their perfect place to live.

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