Why join

Wondering about what Infosys can offer you? Why you should spend time with our company? Here is a couple real-life reasons why:

Friendly and Supportive

Infosys is a company comprising young, talented and creative people, with a friendly, positive and supportive work environment.

Diverse Cultures

At Infosys you will meet up with people from diverse cultures and learn from a variety of interactions and experiences.

Additional Benefits

Infosys Poland offers variety of additional benefits. We subsidise sport activities and internal language courses. The company offers the possibility of financial support for post graduate studies and private medical care for specialists’ posts and above.

Community Support

Infosys Poland is engaged in various initiatives aimed at supporting the local community in which we operate. These include providing support for local organizations and making donations to orphanages, charity foundations and hospitals.

Special Training

We offer special training paths for entry-level employees who have just started out on their career.

Talent Recognition

As a global company, we have talent management and talent recognition procedures that are well-defined and fair. They include regular appraisal cycles, data-driven performance management at all levels, and finally – schemes for internal recognition and rewards for high performers.

Shape your path

At Infosys Poland you will be actively involved in shaping your career path, and choosing the best direction in which you wish to grow by specializing in a field or by moving to a different process (department).

Growth Programs

We run global talent development and growth programs that can help you acquire practical skills, increase productivity and develop competencies.

Approachable Leadership

Infosys Poland has a leadership team that is friendly and easy to talk to.