Every day brings new challenges

Clients who outsource some of their tasks to external partners demand more often to execute them in their native language. In order to provide access to qualified employees fluent in a number of languages, Infosys Poland launched a new initiative – INFOSYS CAMPUS. It is devoted to employees specializing in finance and accounting, procurement or business data analysis, among others. The programme is addressed to linguists – students and graduates of philology departments and foreign language enthusiasts who do not possess subject knowledge or have little experience in this field. In short, INFOSYS CAMPUS is a cycle of trainings aiming at adjusting the competence profile of the young to current job market needs. It is also a chance for getting first job experience and starting a career in the modern business services sector. Read more

7 Steps to Breaking Your Bad Work Habits

Do you feel everyday monotony? Your eyes and back hurt after long hours in front of the desk? Are you experiencing insomnia and tiredness?  Believe me, getting rid of all this is easier than you think. Your organism will be grateful!

Here are some tips on how to work and never get crazy! Read more